Bigbang - Feeling (Live)
Ȫ ءʪ 쪿 ʪ
Cheukaretanara kurusikutte boy who tatanakutte
If you`re tired because you can afford bitter love
ͪ ۰ ꪫ
Kari Carr Carr Thani cuisine tojitte meoh Kono nemurebayiyi
Do not go to sleep to the man leaning against the eye gamgoseon
߾ ٪込
Kaka`s collection at Cana`s your hitori Seni Coma
As more than one person loves and kkyeoangoseo
ڰŪ ߪ ء
Beaucoup-ho-ho-ho misetteyo tatteni Ende
Show me smile. I`ll be standing

߿ () ƪ 涙 ͽ () ު 誤
Kijeute boy who (Traditional) altruistic yoruwa namida nayitte Curry Lou Madeira
Wounded in love. tears to dry at night ulgoseon
ɫ 灯 (Ȫ)
Sita hosijorano Futa kyandoruoh tomosowooyo Lyday
Candles. turned on. you guys under a starry sky
׵ 巻 涙 ͽ ު ê
I makasette kumono Lenny Lou Madeira jeuttto namida Curry
The clouds take on what high-flow continues until the tears dry
() 歩 together
Asahi Terrace Town and Khao together ahrukidasowoooh
Let`s walk together on the morning sun illuminating the town

ʪ˪ 視
Lu Chi is your Kanji Ichi-no-to nagaku konnanimo
A long day. so it feels
声 増 ۪
Enigma in the nose after Sono Sono La Le Lu Gao a private Sardis Lake
The longing to laugh and because it grows in the voice
気 ɪ 誦 ⪦ 誯 ƪ
Yow at helping kijeukeba Maw naku natteta muchyunakani
What do we fell asleep weeping wounds received more than
ڰŪ ߪ please don`t leave me baby
Ende-ho-ho-ho misetteyo please don`t leave me baby
Smiling face. please don`t leave me baby show

ª ꪨ (۪) ʪ
Iowa appeals Lena nanimo aherukkara wakachi two two-day
Nothing like some would love to share with each other do not need to be scared (do not need to be weakened).
ɫ 灯 (Ȫ)
Sita hosijorano Futa kyandoruoh tomosowooyo Lyday
Candles. turned on. you guys under a starry sky
׵ 視 Ἢʪ 誦
Kajeno Nagareo kanjitte kienayi mamottteku yowooni
While adhering to avoid feeling the wind flowing off
Ī ͣ ( ) forever
Asahi cheujeumu sekkayioh hutari foreverr matowoooh
Well. let`s get her wrapped up world. forever wrapping two of the morning sun

奥 双 () 灯 (Ȫ)
Sita also Tomo Sou kokorono Okuni
Piwotdeon the two of hearts
Ϊ骵 ɫ ٥ forever
Akari`m forever kyandoruno Rio Futa Terrassa
Candle was trained for two men`s forever
and every night ᆰ ʪ ye ()
and every night ye Iowa taemanaku nine kkara Soso
and every night I`ll have to keep ye love (of love (the tears) I`ll bust out).

yo listen no way I want you to forget. is only one word. I do not.
Not dispose of a single photo you looked at the finish
If you know or love probably double again. again
We can not and do not want me or not you plz come back here anymore
I`m able to hang on in many people could live for you ma baby
Ever get lost in my mind right neoppuningeol ma lady owner
Eopsin you girl Come back as I can breathe I want to see too cus you`r ma luv

満 () 쪿 涙 ͽ ު 誤
Lou Barletta yoruwa namida curry boy who four Mita nayitte Madeira
At night. full of love dries tears ulgoseo
ɫ 灯 (Ȫ)
Sita hosijorano Futa kyandoruoh domosowooyo Lyday
Candles. turned on. you guys under a starry sky
満 쪿 尽 () ު ê
Mita. Asa. and four Atlanta boy who jeuttto egaoh jjeukirumade
Full of love until the morning. keep a happy face
Ī ͣ ʰ forever
Asa cheujeumu sekayioh hutari forever wootawoooh
Sing two of the morning light enveloping the world forever